Christmast Eve-Eve Service (Complete with Interpretive Dance)


For those of you who visited North Point Community Church for the Christmas Eve-Eve service today, you *might* have noticed some amazing interpretive dancing occurring in the aisle. That was my child. (Of course it was.) And I know what you’re thinking, and no, she’s never had a lesson a day in her life. Hahaha!

Today I was looking back at some of my past posts about church on Christmas Eve(ish), and I couldn’t help but laugh at what has changed with time. In 2012, I had never left a six-month old E.V. with anyone but family members, so leaving my only child in Waumbaland was a BIG deal. Nowadays we have regular sitters on the books, and I cherish my “free” time. I also love dropping both girls off with the Waumba volunteers each Sunday, knowing that in my time of reprieve that they’re being loved on and taught well. Today, however, Waumbaland wasn’t open during the service, meaning kids tagged along with the adults for once. I have to admit, it was a bit, um…rough. There were shrieks and cries and untimely shouts all over the room, and even though our girls were pretty good (not perfect, not terrors), having them in-tow made me appreciate that our church offers childcare. ;) Truthfully, I heard about two words of the message and spent the rest of the time stifling my laughter as Cricket chanted “Baby Jesus” repeatedly while the pastor spoke. As for the worship, well, I had a hard time concentrating because Emma Vance insisted on standing in the aisle to do interpretive dances to each song, which was adorable and hilarious. (And my girl’s got skills, haha! Imagine ballet done in one spot and mostly with her arms and hands.) Overall, I’d say we survived well enough (thanks to a baba and a baggy of chocolate chips I packed for an emergency, i.e. 45 minutes into the service), and we’re ready to get this party started tomorrow! Goodbye Christmast Eve-Eve, hello CHRISTMAS EVE!

P.S. Sorry for all the pictures on our front porch lately! It’s just been so dang RAINY here in Georgia that it’s the only well-lit, covered area — although after this little session Cricket decided to enjoy the monsoon and run down the street anyway. ;)

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