Conversations With Kids: Unicorns


E.V. (to her teacher): I’m a unicorn!

Let me explain, because I had to for the teacher’s sake earlier. ;) On the way into preschool this morning, Emma Vance was trying to keep up with some big girls in the hallway who were skipping along, so she ran at full speed beside them. Unfortunately my toddler has my (lack of) athleticism and tripped, hitting her forehead on the tile floor at full force. Ouch! I scooped up my screaming, sobbing child and tried to console her — unsuccessfully. We were at school early, so the halls were relatively empty and I eventually had to sit on the ground and hold her, trying to talk her down from hysteria. I could see the knot welling up on her forehead, and in a moment of mom genius-ness, I said, “Oh, E.V.! You’re growing a unicorn horn!” I don’t know what in the world made me say it; it just came out. However, as weird as it was, E.V. immediately stopped crying and we were able to continue on with our day. Unfortunately, Emma Vance had somehow ;) gotten it into her head that she really was turning into a unicorn, so she thought it appropriate to announce it to her teacher first thing. Oops.

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