Cricket’s Tooth: Take TWO


So a few days ago I tried to snap a pic of Cricket’s first tooth unsuccessfully, but this time I managed to get it! And you know what? It’s even better because now she’s got A SECOND tooth coming in, too! #delayedgratification

I had forgotten how loooong and terrible the process of teething is. Ugh. Poor Cricket is a trooper, but I should’ve known that she was already working on a second tooth because all week she’s be a lot needier than ever. It seems like my little baby manages her pain with snuggles and good company, which I don’t mind too much. (Although I would like a few minutes to myself once in a while, Crickie! Ha!) So, let’s all toast to the start of a long and arduous road ahead of us. Hopefully the mouthful of pearly whites and bright, shining smile waiting at the end of it will be worth the countless hours spent coddling my baby. ;)

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