Dear Elsa, Sorry We Missed You.


Dear Elsa,

Sorry we missed you. I mean, I know that you came to our local toy store just to see Emma Vance and Cricket, but somehow the word got out. (Someone must’ve hacked our private messages.) I mean, Ryan and I even woke E.V. and Cricket up early from their afternoon naps to get dressed in our princess-y best, which means you KNOW we were committed to keeping our date. In fact, we even arrived early, but apparently it wasn’t early enough, because there were like 100 people in line to see you already. (Which was better than the 300ish that were backed out the door by the time we left.)  We caught eyes with you, Elsa, and waved as we passed by and attempted to find the end of the line. (We figured we wouldn’t be obnoxious by letting everyone know that you were there just to see us; aren’t we nice?) But there was no end to be found, it seems. So, Elsa, somehow we ended up in the craft room instead, which was like a bajillion degrees (definitely NOT appropriate for a Frozen-themed event, bee-tee-dubs). Cricket and Ryan holed up in the corner while E.V. and I fought our way through tulle and glitter and sweaty kids in order to color a snowflake and get our face painted. We didn’t even attempt to elbow our way into the line for painted nails or marshmallow-and-melted-chocolate-chip Olafs. (We know what happens to snow in summer.) By the time we emerged from the craft room of death, E.V. was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the princess madness, so we decided to skip the impossibly-long photo-op line to see you. We’ll just grab a pic next time we hang, mmmkay?

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say sorry that our date was overrun by all those crazy parents who somehow found out about our special meeting place. It must be so tough to be you with all the parent-razzi out there!

Shoot me a text next time you’re in town from Arendelle.


P.S. Tell the store owners that we apologize for our sticky-fingered daughter who nabbed some candy on her way out. Yes, we returned it! What do you think we are, criminals? (Okay, so maybe it was so hot and crowded that I voted NOT to run back into the mobbed store to return it, but Ryan’s a better man than I am…thankfully.)

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P.P.S. I do have to say that Grandma Snazzy (of the local-Kroger-story-hour type fame) did manage to have time to see us. And ask our name. And give us a pinch of glitter on our hand. Not saying that she’s better than you or anything…I’m just sayin’. I mean, her movie (which I’m sure was released loooong ago and was probably called something like “Snazzy in the City”) didn’t quite top the charts like yours, but then again, whose has?

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