Dear Feet

Hey, everyone has bad days…

Dear Feet,

I know we’ve had our ups and downs throughout life, but I feel that our relationship has weathered the storm quite well.  I know that we’ve hit a rough patch as of lately, so I just want to take a moment to encourage you.

I think our problems started at the beginning of May; when the weather turned hot, our relationship turned cold.  You had been so patient with me during this whole pregnancy, even to the extent that I thought we’d be able to avoid the pitfalls that so many pregnant women and their feet fall into, even despite a summer due date.  Perhaps that was my fault–being too arrogant to think it could happen to us.  But it did, and you ended up enflamed.  Literally.

You have made yourself quite clear–you’re done.  Over this pregnancy AND this weather.  And let me say, I agree!  But unfortunately this baby isn’t done growing, the summer is just starting, and we made a commitment to stay together through good times and bad.  I’m doing everything I can to ensure that you’re happy: I drink water, I stay off of you, I avoid salt…but it never seems enough for you, and I’m at my wit’s end.  If only we could go back to how it was before…because we DID have some good times, right?

Remember when we ran that half-marathon?  You thought you’d never make it through alive, but I believed in you.  And we did it!  Remember the sense of accomplishment we felt? And how nicely I treated you after the race?  What about the three years you spent supporting me for 9+ hours at a time “visually merchandising?”  I always tried to keep you in mind–avoiding torturous high heels for much more sensible ballet flats–and in return you didn’t give out on me, despite the occasional grumbling and groaning on your part.  And all of those pedicures I treated you to: Did they mean NOTHING?

And now we’re having a baby.  We can do it!  Just like everyone keeps telling me how being pregnant is “beautiful” (despite what the mirror says), let me just say that you’re still beautiful…at least to me.  And if you ever are feeling bad about yourself and how fat you are, just take a gander at Hands and Face.  They’re catching up to you quite quickly, and pretty soon people won’t even notice you anymore.  And remember, it’s “just water weight,” which the doctor says should go away within a few weeks of having the baby.  (Hands and Face, that goes for you, too!)

So I hope you’ll stick it out for the long haul, Feet.  We’ve only got a couple more weeks to go!  We can do it!  And when you’re feeling down, keep this mental picture in your head (because you WILL lose that “baby weight” and return to a normal size, I promise!):

Ah, Maui!

Maybe we could get together for a pedicure sometime soon?  For old time’s sake?  Just let me know…you know where to reach me.


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  1. June 6, 2012 / 2:48 am

    I seriously couldn’t love this post anymore. My first pregnancy (August due date) was the exact same… times 337726. You’re almost there– and with your sense of humor, you’ll make it with ease :) Congrats on your baby, Talie!

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