Declaring Victory


Sometimes, when your 18-month old isn’t sleeping well, you resort to doing ANYTHING to get them off to dreamland… ;)

So, not to jinx myself or anything, but if tonight goes well, I’m declaring E.V.’s 18 Month Sleep Regression officially over. If it goes well, this will be Day Four of good sleep for Emma Vance…and for us!

I’m not going to lie, this little phase has me a little rattled about bringing a newborn into the picture. How am I going to do this?!? I hadn’t forgotten how freaking exhausting it is to go without my necessary eight-hours-a-night, but I had kinda’ been in denial. Not anymore! We’re sticking with our Babywise method of flexible scheduling for Baby #2, so I’m grasping dearly to the memory of how well it worked for us to get E.V. sleeping early-on. However, regardless of how confident my arsenal of previous experience makes me, after the past couple weeks, I’m also officially prepared for the worst. (Really, we’re in the “hoping for the best but preparing for the worst” mindset.) It was a rough go there for a while, but in a weird way it was a great refresher course.

Well, thank you 18 Month Sleep Regression Monster. Consider me reminded and ready…and IF I happen to run into anyone in the first three months after having Baby #2, forgive my baggy eyes and nonsensical conversations, okay? ;)


Daddy’s heartbeat always does the trick! {sigh}



Finally, back to the normal routine!


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