Dinner with The Donald

Papa Don and Emma Vance

When The Don requests your presence for dinner, you better damn well show up. Especially when it’s at an Italian restaurant. (You know he means business when he opts to skip his guilty pleasure, Bahama Breeze.) The other, only-slightly-more-famous Don said it best: “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

In other news, The Donald has now opted for a cuddlier, less abrasive image for his latest grandchild. Henceforth he shall be called “Papa Don.” Let’s be honest, he’s getting soft in his old age–although at dinner tonight he did manage to tell me that despite my caring what he thinks of me, he doesn’t care what I think of him. (True…and hilarious since he said it with a grin.) Oh, and I heard him call Ryan, “Brian.” Again. After we’ve been together almost ten years. And with that, “The Donald” goes out with a bang. :)

E.V. doesn’t have any bottom teeth–and neither does The Don!

Taking each other in…and he’s a lot to take in, folks!

Scratching the menu, of course.

E.V. and Grandma decide what to eat for dinner.

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