E.V. Beach

Surveying her beach…

To celebrate Memorial Day, Ryan’s mom, Wendi, hosted a poolside barbecue for the family today. Although my pasty legs failed to make an appearance :), Emma Vance was smitten with her nanny’s newest backyard addition–a little baby “beach” complete with miniature lounge chair and real sand!

“E.V. Beach” is full of fun little toys and activities to keep Emma Vance occupied, and after taking an immediate nose-dive into the sand after about two seconds of playing, it did its job and kept her occupied all afternoon. She loved lounging in the baby pool, crawling through the gritty sand and chewing on the beach toys (especially a hula girl that was her clear favorite of the day!). I think she was sad to leave E.V. Beach, trading her tutu swimsuit for dry clothes, in order to join us grown-ups for lunch…and I can’t blame her! :)

“Hey, Mom! That’s MY chair!”

“A Bottle for Baby, A Bottle for Daddy”

“Time to dry off for lunch, Emma Vance…”

Happy Memorial Day!

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