E.V. Seven Month Weigh-In

What a naughty little girl! :)

Emma Vance is stuffy and congested, and so I figured that a quick drop-in at the doctor’s office to weigh her couldn’t do any harm; sick is sick, right? So we kept our heads down and hands to ourselves and braved the germiest of places today to check in on how she’s growing, and man, is she growing!

We started giving her solid foods about a month ago, but she’s been somewhat inconsistent on how much¬†she’ll eat at each meal, which is both confusing and a bit frustrating. I also read that most babies’ milk consumption goes down with the introduction of solids (since there’s other stuff in their bellies), but since in December E.V. seemed to be eating considerably less than I thought she should, her bottle schedule hasn’t changed much; we just ADDED solid food. Thankfully, despite her inconsistency in appetite, it seems to be paying off!

Emma Vance weighs 18 lbs. 4 oz. at seven months old, gaining a good two pounds this month. I tried to measure her height, but she was so giggly and wiggly, the best guesstimate I got was about 27″ (versus 25.5″ last month). In fact, she was so naughty that she kept grabbing everything, squirming around, and eventually flipped over onto her belly to practice her pseudo-crawl. I couldn’t help but laugh at her–until she peed. Mind you, we didn’t actually have an appointment; we just showed up¬†unexpectedly to use their scale, and she peed everywhere. It’s been a while since that’s been a problem, so I just winked at her, shuffled the dirty papers into the trash and crossed my fingers that no one saw. I figure that they can always bill me later, right? :)

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