Emma Vance Writes an Apology


Apparently my child cannot seem to keep her shoes on in school. (She says they’re “hot” after being on the playground.) Nor can she sit still on her spot during circle time. And I’ve tried everything — everything. Threats. Treats. Talking. Praise. Bribery. Choosing her own shoes. Nothing has seemed to work yet. I’m seriously about to cut out a dang circle with her name on it and make her practice sitting still at home. Really.

E.V. is just a good time girl, what can I say? She loves well but does what she pleases — not in a purposefully hurtful or defiant way, more in the I’m-independent-imaginative-and-oblivious way. She’s a Tinker fairy. But what do I do as  her mom? I can’t just let her continue on without learning proper decorum and respect. So this week, after a couple of shoeless days in a row, I decided to make Emma Vance write her teachers an apology letter. The next day at school she had to read it to them, which kinda’ went, “Dear Miss Kassie/Kris, Sorry. Love, E.V.” Hahaha! Unfortunately she still ditched her kicks and wiggled off her circle time spot that very day, but at least she made the effort, right? While contemplating my next move (welding her shoes to her feet perhaps?) at a cafe, I was accidentally eavesdropping on a mom attempting to help her middle school-aged son with homework. It was brutal. BRUTAL. They spent more time arguing, pleading, persuading and negotiating than they did working. I looooved school growing up, and I don’t think my parents ever had to remind me about or help me with my homework. And I mean literally EVER. In fact, I’m TRYING to think of an example and can’t. I’m trying not to project into my own future, but dear lord, don’t let this be a glimpse into my future! ;)

NO1_0030 NO1_0043 NO1_0056 NO1_0064 NO1_0073 NO1_0074 NO1_0077 Meanwhile, chores are gearing up over here. Can you guess Cricket’s favorite task? ;)NO1_0034NO1_0049

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