Entrepreneurs + Flavor Blasts


Emma Vance has been trying to figure out ways to earn her own money lately, and (in true Shove family fashion) she has exactly one million ideas on what to do/make/sell. To be honest, she’s got a few good ideas in there, but most of them require me to be heavily involved. And I definitely am up for helping out, but a mom has to have boundaries, amiright? So, in order to fulfill her little dreams and also maintain my own sanity, we decided to begin with a neighborhood lemonade stand.

With Emma Vance as the Pourer and Cricket as the Ice Girl, the service at Shove Girls Lemonade was above par, and the bonus for their lemonade stand was that they offered strawberry + grape Flavor Blasts (their words, not mine) with each cup. Hey, it’s a tough market out there!

Even though Ryan and I secretly had to bankroll most of the endeavor (there was a tennis match going on, but who brings cash along these days?), the girls earned $9 — and about $4 of those dollars were Ryan’s quarters. Through this process we learned that E.V. enjoys giving a good pitch and that Cricket mostly likes to be a figure head. And that both of our littles love money. (They’re about $1 away from earning their next LOL Doll, haha!)

Summer Bucket List 2018: Lemonade Stand, check!

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