Ewww, Blood!

Yep, that’s all mine.

I love my doctor, Dr. Jenny Jo. She’s really energetic and smart and even though she’s got a million patients, she takes time to call me personally when there are any little bumps (pun intended) in the road.

In fact, she actually called the other day; it turns out (in a strange twist of irony) that some blood work (other than the thrombocytopenia test) came back funky. I guess something in the results indicated that I’m at a risk for a blood clot–which, if you’ve been following our pregnancy, is quite a surprise since we’ve been so focused on the baby potentially hemorrhaging. Dr. Jo said not to worry too much yet, that she wanted to talk to the perinatologist (the high risk guy) before starting anything (most likely baby aspirin to begin).  Then, a funny thing happened…

They disagreed.

My doctors didn’t see eye to eye on what the blood work meant. Awesome. Talie Shove=Anomaly.  So, naturally, the solution is for me to give MORE blood to be retested. I really don’t mind (considering my pregnancy book says that there’s 25% more blood pumping around me lately), but the fact that the lab lady knows me by name cracked me up today.  In fact, we figured out that I’ve given about 35 tubes of blood already. Yowza.

So, once again, we wait. I’m not worried this time, though, for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s about me and my blood; perhaps it’s just more natural to fear for your child than yourself?  Maybe it’s because this is just par for the course? Whatever the reason, let me just say, thank God for the abundance of blood during pregnancy! :)

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  1. January 18, 2012 / 11:52 pm

    35 tubes? Oh my gosh.

    Thinking of you guys! Keep us posted!!

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