Exhorting Our Children (Another Set Visit!)


I’m doing a study on Thessalonians right now, and this week the speaker taught about Paul’s explanation of maternal and paternal characteristics of God. It was very impacting for me — so much so that I went home and regurgitated the talk to Ryan. It’s been marinating with me all week, so more thoughts to come on that soon(ish).

One of the paternal characteristics Paul points out is that of exhortation or instruction. In a fatherly way, it’s a parent’s job to call a child to your side to teach them the ways of life — or, more practically, of the family trade. I suppose Ryan gets bonus points for parenting by the book (or, rather, by The Book), then, because the girls and I made another visit to Ryan’s set this week. (And I believe Emma Vance is finally getting an idea of what I mean when I have to tell her that “Daddy’s at work.”) Ryan’s been absolutely swamped with shoots and editing for the past few weeks, so seeing him (even when he’s running around directing cast and crew) is something us three girls relish in these days. I actually made specific plans to be on set for this shoot since it involved some more, um, interesting aspects than normal, and to see my toddler’s reaction was worth it; E.V. was equally fascinated and scared at The Man in White! (Me, too.) So much so that she decided to run away and to the top of a ladder on set to get away from him…oh, wait. No. That was just because she’s a wild, fearless child. ;) No harm/no foul, right? At least it was the boss’s kid acting a fool…ha!

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