Father’s Day 2017 (HPD! + D&B)


To celebrate my two favorite dads this weekend, the girls and I decided to grant Papadon (my dad) and Ryan their biggest wishes (sort of). ;)

At some point before Father’s Day, my dad called (in true Papadon fashion) and gruffly greeted me with a demand, “Hey, do NOT do anything for me on Sunday. I don’t want to celebrate Father’s Day; I don’t need anything and I’ve already booked myself to work. Goodbye.” Well then. So, when he showed up Friday to spend some time with the girls, technically we honored his request. Instead of wishing him a happy Father’s Day, we through a surprise “Papadon Day” to honor him. The girls met him with “Happy Papadon Day!” signs, cheering and a noisy a custom music shaker. Cricket handed him our gift (a handmade spit cup for his dip, haha). We had made mini ice cream pies for him to eat, and then we all watched “Angry Birds” (which is TOTALLY not appropriate for small children but cracked him up). Overall, I’d say his non-Father’s Day celebration was perfect for him. (Although as soon as he went to actually use his new spit cup, Cricket started bawling that he was ruining it. So there’s that.)

On Father’s Day itself, we celebrated Ryan, whom we are so thankful for. What a guy, what a husband, what a dad. We are so blessed. The best way we could imagine to honor him was doing one of his favorite things with him — so we took him to “grown-up Chuck E. Cheese’s” (i.e. Dave and Busters) to play games and then to Fudrucker’s to eat (two things I would pretty much never be interested in doing otherwise, haha!). Emma Vance is 100% Ryan’s child, so they ran around like kids in a candy store playing video games, and Cricket and I tagged along until she demanded to go sit down for a bit. She ordered a lemonade and then asked to take selfies, so we had a good time, too. ;) The girls had never been to Fudrucker’s (a cheesy burger restaurant — pun intended), and I instantly regretted introducing them to it. Fries, hot dogs and milkshakes? A kid’s dream! Mostly Ryan was just happy to be able to eat some nacho cheese sauce on everything. No comment. ;)

Happy Father’s Day to my two faves!






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