#fcf (Flower Crown Fiasco)


I’ve been trying to take Emma Vance’s two-year pictures for months now. (Seriously.) At first it was too hot, then we hit a rainy patch, then we got busy…and every night I’d think, “Well, maybe I’ll do them tomorrow.” But I never seemed to get around to it. So, last night I declared that today was the day out loud so that I wouldn’t be able to get out of my commitment quite as easily.

I love the flower crown trend right now. It speaks to my pseudo-wanna-be-hippie side, and I thought it would be the perfect (read: quick and easy) craft for E.V.’s shoot. This afternoon was sunny and breezy, and so I took the girls on an adventure around the outskirts of Amityville’s property to gather “flowers.” I would’ve loved to go to the wholesale florist and picked out beautiful, colorful flower-flowers for the crown, but truthfully who has time for that (especially since I decided to do this shoot less than 24 hours in advance) and E.V.’s outfit lends itself to a more naturally-styled crown anyway. I spent the next hour basking in the sun, enjoying the fall weather on the back porch with my girls, winding flowers and leaves together. I was all done and super proud of my FREE craft when I ran inside for one minute. ONE MINUTE. By the time I stepped back outside the skies had turned, well, black. (Of course.)

Apparently our shoot wasn’t meant to be. The thunder was rumbling in the distance as the storm clouds rolled in, and I was so sad. My crowns! They’re not the hardiest of crafts, so I knew that they would go to waste and I’d have to redo them whenever I do actually get around to doing E.V.’s two-year shoot. I thought I’d at least get a few shots of them before they wilted, and then I thought, “What the heck?” and decided to throw them on the girls as-is. I might as well enjoy them while I can, right??

So, although my hashtag should’ve been #fcf (flower crown Friday, that is), I suppose it ended up #fcf (flower crown fiasco). Oh, well! What can you do? Mother nature has a mind of her own. At least I got some practice in, right? ;)

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