Food Truck Alley

Oh, how I love these two crazy kids.

While living in Amityville comes with its daily disappointments and struggles, one of the upsides is that it’s relatively close to downtown Alpharetta. In fact, although we hadn’t yet tried it, it’s within realistic walking distance from Amityville. For the past few months Ryan and I have seen the signs for Food Truck Alley, a weekly event held every Thursday night in the heart of Alpharetta, and since we had a rare night where Ryan was home AND the weather was good AND it was a Thursday, yesterday we decided to take an evening stroll to check it out. It was awesome!

The weather was warm and summery, the sound of live music reverberated off the old brick buldings, and the smell of barbecue and french fries danced through the evening air. I can’t believe we’ve missed out on this all spring! Shame on us for not taking advantage of the community (and delicious food!) right in our own backyard. We visited The Fry Guy, W.O.W. and (of course) King of Pops, purposely leaving the other trucks for another visit. We listened to a live band (young kids testing out their courage and talent). We ran into folks from various aspects of our lives. It felt like a small town, which we loved. And, of course, E.V. had an amazing time people-watching (and then subsequently performing¬†for those people once she’d gotten their attention). She even enjoyed her first King of Pops, and I’m pretty sure she was ob-sessed with the chocolate sea salt pop we bought to “share.” :)

As we pushed the stroller home, Ryan and I both agreed that our impending home search will DEFINITELY start in Alpharetta. I mean, who could resist living near Food Truck Alley??? Not the Shoves…

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