Fourth of July in 2020 (The Year That Just Won’t Quit)

Well, 2020 just keeps giving and giving doesn’t it? ;)

To be honest, we had a great Fourth of July–in the morning Cricket finally learned how to ride a bike (yay!); we spent the day swimming and sunbathing and eating pool snacks (i.e. unlimited junk food); and we ended the day cozied up in our neighbors’ cul-de-sac watching fireworks.

Unfortunately, that’s where the plot twist comes in…

Since everything is canceled this year (geez, Covid), that meant our city’s annual fireworks show was, too. To be honest, it wasn’t that big of a surprise since our local park is usually flooded with families on picnic blankets before noon, set up all day just to ensure they have the perfect viewing spot for after dark…which seems crazy in our current quarantine-ish world. So in order to avoid having a crowd, officials decided to skip the big display this year — which just meant that our neighborhood streets were filled with dads determined to put on “the best” fireworks show around. And, all in all, our neighbors did an awesome job giving the competing streets a run for their money.

At this point I have to mention that I LOVE fireworks…that are done professionally. The idea of guys indulging their inner teenage minds while having access to explosives (and alcohol) makes me squeamish. (And I hate sparklers, sorry. I shouldn’t admit that!) Ryan is the world’s most responsible person when it comes to that type of stuff, but I still always ask him to wear eye protection…and if possible to please not be involved. (And although most of the time he politely declines my request to not be involved, haha, this year all of us were just spectators.) I don’t know if it’s that I didn’t grow up doing “homemade” fireworks or what, but I’m just nervous the. entire. time.

So, back to last night.

Everything was going great: The street fireworks were impressive, the vibe was fun, the kids were having a good time…until a firework tipped over.

It happened fast and people reacted fast, but it was a scary few seconds. Basically halfway through a fancy firework going off, it tipped over and the sparks started shooting out to the side….directly at our girls and their friends, who were sitting on the ground next to Ryan and another dad. Every sprang into motion pretty quickly, the kids jumping up to run away and the parents trying to shield them. And, for the most part, people came out unscathed–but as we down settled to check the kids, Cricket started wailing.

She got hit. On the cheek and behind her ear. Her hair was singed and there was soot on her skin.

Thankfully it wasn’t worse, and the closest homeowners helped us with first aid items (and distracting sweets!). Cricket is fine and will be fine, but it was scary (for everyone). It was a total fluke, but it didn’t help my anxiety around fireworks for sure. Once we determined that she just needs some minor burn care and that it wasn’t more serious (and once she calmed down), we stayed to watch the rest of the show…from an even farther distance of course. ;)

As we fell asleep last night, I reminded Cricket how brave and tough and strong she was, and how amazing it is that she’ll always be able to tell the story of “the time I got hit in the face by a firework.” Yeesh.

Just a few days later, and just a couple small burns are left, thank goodness!

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