Friends with Boats


Especially during our poor 20s, when we both were at our first jobs and barely scraping by, Ryan and I would dream of the future — the fun things we’d do and adventures we’d have. Those conversations would often devolve into laughing at our circumstances, and inevitably we’d joke that our goal was to one day at least have friends who owned a boat…and our dreams have finally come true! :) You’re welcome, Twenty-Something-Talie. Haha!

Seriously, though, we’ve been blessed with some of the kindest, nicest, most generous and most FUN friends through our current church small group. (Their best characteristic? They put up with us without much complaining. ;) ) One of the couples happens to own a killer yacht on Lake Lanier (not far from Amityville), and this weekend they were crazy enough to invite us (kids and all) for a day on the boat. Wahoo!

Emma Vance is finally at an age where she’s beginning to understand  a lot of what we say. So, when she woke up Saturday morning and I told her we were going on a boat ride, she replied with wide eyes, “Swimming?? Fishies??” Yes, dear, there will be swimming and fishes galore. We packed up the kids (and about half our house, including our entire pantry) and headed to the lake!

Our friends, the Duvalls, told us it was like taking a vacation fifteen minutes from home, and after seeing their beautiful boat (that, let’s be honest, is nicer than Amityville), I know what they mean! Of course, E.V. was wild (even more so due to an ear infection and subsequent sleeplessness) — attempting to drive the boat multiple times :/, nearly hurling herself over the back of the two-story yacht, and occasionally trying to smother another couple’s newborn in the name of love. (Cricket was both jealous and relieved that the other baby garnered some of her big sister’s attention.) The rocking of the boat, however, did Emma Vance good, causing her to pass out for several hours, which was a miracle since she hasn’t slept much (and definitely not napped) in the past three days because of an ear infection. In fact, Ryan moved our snoring toddler to a room below, and I had to keep checking in on her because I was sure that something was wrong! (Are you sure she’s still asleep??) Cricket, on the other hand, couldn’t get a good nap in for the life of me and was a hungry little lady. She spent most of her day, then, cuddled up next to me or in someone’s arms. (Just how she prefers it!)

Highlights of the day? Snacking galore (duh), including chicken tacos and samoas. (Except for my poor Whole30 self — Wah!) Ryan’s infamous Magical Unicorn drinks, served in a pitcher. (Which means you KNOW everyone had a good time.)  Boys jumping off the boat into freezing water. An attempt to let E.V. enjoy the freezing water. (She cried.) People watching at the dock. (LOTS of, um, characters to be seen.) Passing off the kids to the boys for what seemed like two minutes of girl time. ;) Watching the guys wakeboard with varied levels of success, haha! “Monsters University” on repeat. Emma Vance and another little boy voluntarily hugging (on repeat), and the same little boy kissing her (uh oh). Cruising peacefully on the front of the boat, wind in our hair, at sunset. (My favorite.) Emma Vance shouting, “Night, fishes!” as she walked her little footie pajama-ed potato body down the dock as we left.

What a great day. Seriously. And what a great group of friends who would open up their yacht to us, help us wrangle our littles when extra hands were needed, encourage Ryan’s attempts at mixology :), save E.V. from tumbling overboard, not care about post-baby swim suit season, challenge Old Man Shove at wakeboarding, and most importantly share in this big, crazy life with us.

And you know what? They were right. It was like a vacation fifteen minutes from home! The best part? Everyone slept in until 9:30 this morning! Ryan, Cricket and Emma Vance were passed out peacefully later than they’ve ever collectively slept, and although my internal Mommy Clock woke me at the crack of dawn, the silence was golden. :) Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

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