Getting into the Groove of Winter Weather


Well, after the snowiest season we’ve seen in a while here in the South, we’ve officially gotten ourselves into a winter-weather routine here at the Shove household. Breakfast, shower, cleaning, art project, lunch, Sesame Street, nap time, then…PLAY IN THE SNOW!

“Art” has become one of E.V.’s favorite activities by far. In fact, a few weeks ago, when I picked her up from preschool, she seemed a bit down, which is very unusual for her. Typically she’s full of energy and very talkative as we head to the car, but this particular day she just seemed sad. As I was buckling her into her car seat, I asked what was wrong. She was quiet. I asked if she saw her friends. (No response.) Did she go to music class? (Silence.) Read books? (Forlorn look.) Did you do art today? With the most pitiful expression possible, she finally chimed in, “No art.” Oh, sweet girl! (Her teacher later said that they had done art, but to this little toddler’s heart, it was a day devoid of her favorite subject.) So being stuck inside day after day (obviously) requires some sort of art on a daily basis to keep Emma Vance’s creative side fed.

This morning I got very brave with our art project and let Emma Vance paint. I had planned on dragging her baby pool inside in order to avoid the possibility of a messy madness, but it was frozen solid to the ground with this round of very icy snow. Luckily we had a vinyl tablecloth in the basement, and to my surprise, she actually understood that she had to stay on the tablecloth! Whew. We began with paintbrushes on paper and somehow ended up making handprints and “tattooing” her feet, but I didn’t mind since it was a happy time for my little lady. We even learned how to make the color “pur-puh” out of red and her all-time favorite color, “bloo.” We ended our project with a much needed mid-morning bath, which is always a delightful surprise for Emma Vance (the water baby).

In the afternoon, it was Dada’s day to play in the snow. (I took her out yesterday while he was catching up on work.) Of course Ryan is a million times more fun than I am, so my two peas in a pod tasted fresh snow, cheered as cars braved the icy hill in front of Amityville, walked to check the mail (yeah right) and “sledded” in a plastic bin from the garage. Moms out there, how do you describe what it’s like to watch your husband happily play with your tiny child? Seriously, it makes my Grinch heart burst open that rusty old box!

We’re in for the long haul with preschool cancelled for tomorrow, meaning more of the same to come. However, as long as we have power, I’m not complaining of something as small as cabin fever. I’ll take electricity and heat over entertainment any day!

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