Gnat Shots + Not Shots (Cricket’s 3 Yr Dr Appt)


This week was jam-packed with pre-Spring Break / post-Cricket’s birthday stuff. We’ve been busy to say the least, and I feel behind in pretty much every arena of life. Isn’t that just everyday #modernmotherhood, though? ;)

We had Picture Day and Cricket’s three-year check-up on Monday. It was about as gray as could be in the morning, when I usually have the girls pose next to the preschool parking lot so as to avoid paying for¬†actual¬†Picture Day pictures. However, this year I may be buying them — especially since we were attacked by gnats mid-fauxshoot. (It made for some hilarious pics, though!)

Cricket was super nervous about her check-up. For the first time ever, she was cognizant that shots were in her future. I tried to prep her, but what can you do besides promise treats? So, when she not only passed her physical with flying colors but ALSO realized that there are no three-year shots, we all did a little happy dance! Woo hoo!
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