Go Cricket…and Pizza! (Spring Ballet Recital)

Last night was Cricket’s spring ballet recital — and it was everything she could have hoped for: makeup and glitter and attention and ruffles. And a stage. Most importantly a stage. With a room full of retirees enjoying the show of youth and families clapping like crazy from the balcony, I’m fairly certain that it was a dream come true for Cricket. (And for this proud mom!) Highlights of Cricket’s two minutes of fame include the three times she got distracted and forgot that she was supposed to be dancing and complaining loudly for the last 10 seconds of the song that another girl was sitting in her spot and needed to move. (DYYYYING.)

For the performance, Emma Vance made a sign to cheer on her little sister. It read, appropriately, “Go Cricket…and pizza!” (I can’t blame her for her honesty.) After the dance, some of the families did go to pizza (thankyouverymuch subliminal messaging, you work!) — which basically meant mass chaos and children everywhere. Thankfully there was a ballon artist and an enclosed area outside the restaurant, so the parents could have somewhat of a breather while the ballerinas + siblings ran wild. Until someone pushed Cricket down a hill of mud.

There were tears and confusion and snuggles and questions. It turns out that it was a girl who wasn’t with us, and we decided quickly it was better to console than confront, even though Cricket insisted she did it purposefully. (But, hey, in childhood things are going to happen.)

As we drove home and trudged up to bed, exhausted, Cricket and I talked about the incident. “Why did she do that, Mommy? Why was she so mean?” I didn’t have all (or any) of the right answers, but she got quiet as I attempted to answer her questions. Afterward, Cricket sat straight-faced and pensive on the floor of her darkened bedroom, lit by only the light from the hallway, and pulled on her pajama pants. I watched her as I cleaned things up in her closet when she suddenly broke her silence. Leaning her head into the doorway, she said, “Hey Mom, I bet that kid knows she messed with the wrong girl tonight.” And she grinned. And I laughed out loud. (And I still am!) Oh, my resilient, hilarious little one! You are going to be just fine in life. Just fine, I say.

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