Last Day of 3s Class (A Note from Cricket’s Teacher)

Last Day of Preschool 3s Class


First Day of Preschool 3s Class


Dear Talie and Ryan,

What a wonderful year with Cricket! She has been such a fun light of spunkiness that just added so much personality to this class! We can always count on Cricket to make a funny observation to change the course of the discussion. 

There are so many things that I love about Cricket. I love how she chooses her own outfits. This is not some haphazard method, but she truly has a good reason for what she wears each day. From tutus to pajamas to sparkly polka dots, there is real meaning for each one! 

I love how Cricket has improved on writing her name! She complained about it being too long and for a bit tried to improvise writing it by making swirls, but now she has bucked down and gets it right every time! We are now celebrating how the letter “e” is going in the right direction. 

I love how Cricket eats a banana! I have never seen anything like it. She peels down one side and nibbles the banana while keeping the rest of the peel up. She never gets her fingers slimy this way! Ingenious!! 

I love her sense of adventure and how she’s willing to taste or try anything. She tasted all the foods from Germany, she’s never passed up a snack, and she even mixes her own lunch foods together to make some interesting combinations. 

I love when Cricket draws a picture! Each picture is not an object but an actual story! 

I love how Cricket plays with everyone. She has never made an enemy and accepts all the children for who they are! 

I love how Cricket can become so engrossed in one thing in the class that the rest of the world disappears. When you question her about it, she can tell you all sorts of thoughts that were running in her heard. 

I love how she took her class job seriously every day! Her disappointment when she was “substitute” and no one was absent just had to make us laugh. We created an extra job for her that day because she was so sad.

I can’t wait to hear auto all the wonderful things Cricket accomplishes as she grows!


Miss Jenny

Goodbye, Preschool 3s Class. (We will miss you, teachers and classmates and unique, wonderful age filled with growth.) Hello, SUMMER!

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