Goodbye, Mr. Whale

Happy to be in her big girl tub!

When the first of my friends (*ahem* Natalie Kitchen) started having babies, the first baby product I ever fell in love with was the Fisher Price blue whale tub. For lack of a better explanation, I just thought it was so cute, and I’ve always secretly been excited to get one for our future baby. It’s not fancy or schmancy, but I loved it instantly. Since then, I’ve worked in one of the finest children’s retailers (*ahem* Pottery Barn Kids) and have fallen in love with many other children’s items–and BOUGHT countless other children’s items–but in all my years spent surrounded by baby products, I’ve always had this weird little whale-tub-shaped place in my heart.

God must’ve been preparing my heart for our little E.V. in particular because she LOVES bath time and has from the start. I remember her first bath, how she was in heaven floating in her warm, little blue whale. Since then she’s grown so much, learning to sit up and roll over and stand. As her mobility has increased, she’s taken to flopping over to scratch the headrest and to sitting sideways in the deep end of the whale (which we’ve deemed “hot tubbin'”). Slowly but surely she’s been growing too big for her tiny tub, but I’ve been reluctant to give it up. Finally, though, this week we decided it was time to retire Mr. Whale. :(

As much as E.V. loves her whale tub, the big girl tub is her new haven. She could spend hours there, psuedo-swimming on her belly in just a few inches of water. She’s so light and flubby that sometimes the tub “waves” will pick her up while she’s sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce and carry her to the other end of the bath tub. She loves to pull herself up on the sides and to grab at the metal plug. She enjoys sitting under the spout and chasing her toys around her new watery playground. It’s like a whole new era has been ushered in, an era of big-girl-ness, and so saying goodbye to Mr. Whale has been very bittersweet.

Thanks, Brocks, for the gift. We loved Mr. Whale well and have very fond memories of her baby baths in it. :)

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