“Graduating with CHARACTER” (E.V.’s Kindergarten Graduation)


I can’t believe it. This sweet, kind, intelligent, beautiful girl graduated from kindergarten today. And I’m at a loss for words (for once).

This year has been so amazing and so challenging. Choosing to send E.V. to a language-immersion school wasn’t an easy decision, and, to be transparent, there have been moments that I’ve doubted our choice. A few weeks into school Emma Vance innocently asked me, “Mom, when you were little, did you not understand anything your teacher said either?” Ugh. The learning acquisition felt so slow at first, and watching all our friends with children in traditional schools reading sooner and studying more advanced material was tough at times. But, they promised that somewhere along the way an unexplainable magic would happen, and she’d catch right up in an instant — and in French.

And she did.

All of her hard work this year has paid off in spades. I love hearing my little cherie singing in another language. She corrects my (admittedly sad) accent when I try to speak to her in French. She is on-par with the traditional kindergarteners, but being in a language immersion program has given her so much more beyond that — language, empathy, diversity, community, global perspective. Gah. I just adore our school, our program, and, most of all, our sweet little Emma Vance. Happy graduation day, E.V.!

A special Graduation Day dress from my fave, @stylinsophieshop

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The ROBE, which I originally ordered two sizes and 12 inches too small! (Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!)

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The Ceremony

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The Partyyyy! “Graduating with CHARACTER” (You know I can’t resist a chance to have a good theme party!)

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