Grandma Blankets

Oops–this is the back of the blanket…

My grandmother has always been the knitter in the family: blankets, hats, scarves, capes–you name it, she can and has made it. Traditionally she knits pink or blue baby blankets for all of the new babies in the family, but since I’m making my own bedding, I thought I’d request a couple of specific (not pink) blankets.  Of course this threw her off a bit at first (she always uses the same yarn and same sizing for baby blankets), but after a few trips to JoAnn’s, she’s started!

I just received the first blanket–and am in love with it!  I chose an off-white, really thick and comfy yarn that will be great for the room color-wise and temperature-wise (the nursery is the coolest room in our house because it doesn’t get much sun). Next up she’s going to do an “ombre” (striped) yellow blanket to match the crib bedding.

Oscar (and the front side of the blanket!)

The only problem?  Oscar immediately adopted it as his own.  (My bad for leaving it within reach, right?)  Actually, this has been a little quirk we’ve run into with him thus far–he has a hard time understanding that the toys and teethers coming into our home aren’t dog toys!  In fact, the bear I photographed with the blanket has been an issue; it lives on our rocking chair right now, but it mysteriously keeps ending up on the floor with Oscar’s other toys.  Hmmm…

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