Halloween, Arrrrgh!

I can’t believe I managed to squeak out one more Halloween where my girls have coordinated costumes – and this time it was their own choice! Definitely feeling like I’m winning at motherhood today!

I’d given up all hope last year of ever having the girls’ costumes match for Halloween again, and so in late September, when they chose Dark Mad Hatter (E.V.) and a Girl Grim Reaper (Cricket) costumes online, I obliged – smiled and ordered exactly what they wanted, no pushbacks, no discussions.

And then, like all children, they changed their minds…about 10 minutes after the packages arrived.

It was a month spent hemming and hawing over costumes, with tiny fingers scrolling Amazon and Target each weekend, trying to find the perfect theme for tonight.

Then, by some magical sorcery, E.V and Cricket declared they had officially decided:

They were going to be pirates. Together. (Cue my shock and excitement!)

We’ve all gotten on board, bought a pirate flag for our front porch, and spent the afternoon making our trick-or-treat experience feel like a haunted pirate ship. I love Halloween, and for one more year, I’m going to revel in my girls getting along and wanting to celebrate together – as pirates.

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