Happy First Day of Homeschool! (i.e. Scoops School)

I’ve never had an interest in homeschooling (and I still don’t, haha!), but I suppose that we should all make the best of forced co-education (coviducation?) at home, so that’s what the Shoves have resolved to do. I just keep reminding myself…

It’s only two weeks. I can handle that.

I’m not going to lie, it was a rough go this morning. We started off up-beat, dancing, branding our home school — “Scoops School: a private education for exceptional girls and their dogs” based on the girls’ favorite squishy, a cat with a melting ice cream cone on its head — made pep rally banners, and then tried to actually do school. Yes, “tried.”

Of course the computer we booted up was finicky. Of course I forgot to buy printer paper. Of course E.V. got a tween ‘tude almost immediately. Of course eager Cricket needed my attention x 10. Sigh.

Eventually we settled in, made adjustments, did our assignments, and then eagerly called it a day. Now we just have to do that over and over again for the next two weeks. One down, thirteen days to go. Sigh.

Dear Covid-19: Please die. And fast. 

(and a throwback to last Sunday’s Pajama Jam at church + prep for the second grade entrepreneur’s market — back when we were naive and happy, haha!)

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