Hello, Best Baby Ever


This is totally random, but I was thinking about it yesterday as Cricket slept peacefully in her bassinet. Throughout my second pregnancy, Ryan and I had prepared for the worst. Emma Vance was a good little baby, only really crying when she needed something and without health issues. We had been warned that we had to “pay our dues,” and that Baby #2 was sure to be a terror. And we believed them! I had nightmares about the subject, my mind racing with the possibility of never sleeping again or never having a moment of silence again. {insert hives}

So we discussed what seemed like the inevitable horrors we were about to encounter:  She will be a crier. She will never sleep. She will drive us to tears. We were ready, prepared for the worst but secretly hoping for the best. And, friends, let me just debunk the myth: We’ve had TWO awesome babies. (Sorry to our fellow parents out there dealing with colic and all the yucky things of newborn life; we truly are sympathetic!) Cricket is so sweet, so happy and so content. She loves being around people, so pretty much as long as she has someone to pay attention to her (thankyouverymuch Emma Vance!), she’s as happy as a clam. ;) To all of you preparing for the worst out there — take heart! It could go the other way; you could end up with a baby just happy to be in your arms! And, if you’ve prepared for the complete opposite, let me just say this — if you do have a decent baby, they will automatically seem like the Best Baby Ever. EVER. ;)

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