Homecoming Dance

Sweetie girl actually loved the hot, humid weather on the way to the car!
Really? Me? A mom??? Time for a reality check…

After a five day stay in the hospital (little miss took quite a while to make her grand entrance into the world!), Ryan and I had mixed feelings about coming home last night: On the one hand, the hospital was so cozy, so reassuring–our first little home as a family. And if we didn’t know what to do with Emma Vance? Ring a nurse, and bam! Professional advice on the spot. However, hospital stays also mean lots of interruptions, small spaces and no privacy…and no Oscar and Olive (although we did devise a plan to create fake “therapy dog” vests to sneak them in at one point :) ). Almost every parent I know gets a fond look on their face when a new baby and a hospital stay is mentioned–and now I’ll join their ranks.

We were really worried about E.V. in the heat (man, we’ve missed some hot ones!), plus we wanted to get in one last afternoon nap before heading into the Great Unknown, so we didn’t leave until after 7 p.m. yesterday. Thankfully she was like a bug in a rug in the humid, hot air–I suppose because it reminded her of the womb? However, she did NOT like her car seat (which Ryan put in WHILE we were at the hospital; let’s just say we balance each other out on the planner/non-planner continuum), and upon realizing that the only solution to her misery was to head home quickly, we left the hospital with a crying baby and a little anxiety. Thankfully, the second we got on the highway, she passed out from the motion, so Ryan and I were able to relax and enjoy the ride home.

Buckled in… 
…and a little perturbed by it!

On a side note, I thought everyone would get a kick out of this: In 2010 (no joking), Ryan and I purchased tickets for the June 29, 2012 Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show. For TWO whole years we’ve been so pumped about it…and all the while, God was smirking behind the scenes at our plans. Unfortunately for our former selves, we pulled away from the hospital as the curtains rose; fortunately for our current selves, it was with Miss E.V.! Who’d have been able to predict that one?

The first order of business was introducing Olive and Oscar to their new best friend, which we’ve been trying to plan out for some time. We had sent a baby blanket home for them to sniff and get accustomed to, and then when we arrived home, Ryan and I took turns going inside to say hello to them while the other sat with Emma Vance in the air conditioned car. Then I took the dogs on leashes and Ryan grabbed the baby in her car seat (for a quick exit in case the puppies freaked her out), and introduced them in the yard. (Let’s just say it was quite a “dance” in order to make sure that the dogs felt important and validated before meeting their new sister…) E.V. was a bit confused and thus perturbed by cold noses in her face, but other than that, we had no major problems! (Whew!) Oscar, who’s very happy-go-lucky, was thrilled, and hasn’t left her alone since. Olive, on the other hand, was a little slighted to not be the star of the family anymore and only sniffed her once before literally turning her back on E.V. and ignoring her. Ha!

E.V. meeting the rest of the “fam” for the first time…

…and Oscar falling instantly in love, or a least instantly in fascination.

The dogs are adjusting well: Olive’s come around a bit, and Oscar’s learning to control his excitement (and, yes, Emma Vance has already gotten accustomed to his cold nose and even tried to suck on it!). Lots of positive reinforcement and treats has been working well. They’ve been sitting in the nursery with us for feedings, and since Oscar usurped Olive’s dog bed, she’s been sitting on “her” ottoman at my feet while E.V. eats. Overall, I’d say the puppies get an A+ for their flexibility and understanding.

As for our home life, let’s just say that it was NOT as quickly adjusted last night…

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