Hooray for America!


Well, the Fourth has officially been all celebrated out, and I can say with confidence that Emma Vance has added the word “firework” to her toddler vocabulary.

After a long morning at the pool and an afternoon spent napping and playing in the yard, we packed up our family of four and claimed a spot near our local park to settle in and watch the annual fireworks display. Our wild, up-late little lady was quite impressed and not at all shy about her patriotism: E.V. shouted with glee throughout most of the show, from “YESSS!” to “Pretty!” to “1-2-3!!!”  She jumped up and down and ran around like crazy, giggling and enjoying the fireworks with her whole being. And I was not at all embarrassed. However, my personal favorite was her happily yelling “HOO-RAY! HOO-RAY!” because, well, isn’t that what we Americans all feel like today? “Hooray {for America}” pretty much sums up what’s in my heart when it comes to the good ol’ U-S-of-A, and after experiencing her first fireworks tonight, I’m pretty sure that it sums up E.V.’s heart, too. ;)

Happy Fourth of July!

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