Inaugural Halloween Par-tay!

In the scariest of years, good ol’2020, it felt more than appropriate to host our inaugural Halloween party. The gist: adults only, themed costumes, and lots of food, drinks + fun.

This year’s theme was “Word Play.” I know it’s an odd one, but just think of all those silly costumes like a cow suit + a halo to represent “Holy Cow!” or mixed up phrases like “Billary Clinton” (imagine a blond wig, pantsuit and saxophone). Not all of our friends are super into silly dress-up, but I felt so loved when everyone went all-in with costumes ranging from “so-fish-ticated” to “home body” (and a lot of extremely inappropriate ones that made me laugh harder than I could have hoped for…and also now you know why there are no group photos on this blog, haha!). For the record, I was Bob-arazzi — a mixture of Bob Ross + the paparazzi. Random, yes. Fun, yes. ;)

My friends also were great sports in playing along with a game I cobbled together from all my favorites online — a mixture of Utter Nonsense and Pictionary and Truth or Dare played within the structure of Let’s Make a Deal, with a few rap lyric read-offs and lipsyncing competitions thrown in. I called it “Bamboozled” in honor of Joey Tribbiani, and I *hope* it becomes an annual tradition. Fingers crossed!

Happy Halloween!!!

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