It’s No Leopard

We got a lovely little surprise in the mail at the end of last week–a super cute snow leopard faux fur coat from our dear friends the Chesbros. It was so sweet and so unexpected…and came in handy for our trip to the park on Monday. (Plus it might¬†have just sealed the deal for our children’s arranged marriage if they have a boy…)

Ryan and I didn’t think about the fact that it was MLK Day–meaning the park was SUPER crowded with desperate moms looking for ways to wear out their kids–so we spent most of our time taking pictures of Emma Vance. (Twist our arms–right?)

When we were getting dressed to play and take our pictures, E.V. looked worried.

“Mom, I’m afraid of snow leopards. They might eat me!”

(Confused mom moment.)

“Little one, snow leopards won’t eat you.”

“Yeah huh. I saw it on the National Geographic Channel. And my jacket is a snow leopard!”

(Thoughtful mom moment.)

“No, little one, your jacket isn’t snow leopard;¬†it’s no leopard.”

Problem solved. (And, yes, I have these amusing conversations “with” Emma Vance in real life. She’s quite witty, actually…ha!)

Thank you, Bran and Erin! We are so excited for you to join us on this side of parenting. :)

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