Kinsey Family Farm


We’ve been immersed in all sorts of fall fun over the past few weeks, and I’m fairly certain Emma Vance will suffer from major woes when winter comes and the autumn revelry is over. (Poor kid, she doesn’t realize that fall comes only once a year. I feel her pain!)

Saturday we visited The Kinsey Family Farm, and it was beautiful! This season we’ve been to all sorts of pumpkin patches, but this farm promised animals, so clearly we had to make the trip. There were pumpkins (of course), a police car (E.V. rode in the back {insert obvious jokes here}), a couple of birthday parties (which E.V. thought were for her), an encounter with a praying mantis (to which she replied “I’m scared of the bug!”), lots of picturesque scenery…and cows. Cows! It *might* have been my favorite part of the day, ending in a few bovine kisses. (Good thing I’m not a germophobe, ha!)

Our friends, the Duvalls, met us there with their two boys, and their youngest gave Emma Vance a pumpkin, which she took and then immediately stomped. So the sweet guy got her another, which she accepted with a big high five and hug. (I’ve always taught her to play hard to get…) I’m pretty sure that in toddler terms it means that they’re engaged. It seems appropriate that the Duvalls officially became family at The Kinsey Family Farm, right?? Don’t worry, we got pictures for the rehearsal dinner slide show. ;)

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While we were at Kinsey Farm on Saturday, we should have been in North Carolina celebrating a dear friend’s wedding. However, Ryan’s in the middle of a big project, so we weren’t able to make the trip. Boo. But we were thinking of the happy couple, keeping up in real time on Instagram ;) while simultaneously wrangling two little girls who were wound up from a fun day spent running around with cows and praying mantises. Ha!

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