Mr. Monkey

We have a new toy, and seeing how E.V.’s latest obsession is chewing the heck out of everything she can get her chubby little hands on, her new toy is the perfect toy for this stage…

In the vein of Sophie la Girafe, I bought Mr. Monkey (essentially the Americanized version of Sophie) at Target’s recent Baby Sale. (Sidenote: Darn you, Target, and your reasonably priced, well-designed products that I never know I NEED until I see them. And darn you, Baby Sale, that caused me to make no less than FOUR trips in less than one week to various Target locations. And darn you, self, for not having the Target 5% cash back card…) Emma Vance is ob-sessed, chewing eagerly on Mr. Monkey’s feet and tail. It makes the funniest little squinky sound against her gums as she teethes, so I can always tell when she’s gotten ahold of him, even if she’s playing out of eyesight. Unfortunately, though, it also squeaks as she plays with it, confusing an already-eager-to-play-with-the-baby’s-toys Oscar. In fact, I’ve found Mr. Monkey in his paws on more than one occasion already and have had to rescue him from a terrible puppy fate. I suppose, though, that if Oscar does have his way with Mr. Monkey one of these days, it will only mean another trip to Target for me…oh, darn. :)

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