Not-So-Dirty Little Secret

Ryan’s Not-So-Dirty Little Secret

So I’m chugging away at my New Year’s Resolutions, anxiously awaiting Ryan’s return from Passion so that he could “approve” my sharing this one–which I think will bring a few chuckles to the crowd.

Ryan has a secret love for hotel freebies.  I think it started on our honeymoon: We had brought our own soaps, but the hotel we stayed at had really nice, brand-named toiletries that they left us everyday. We were super poor and the idea of not having to buy shampoo for a while was appealing. Little did I know it would start a habit that it’s now taken six years to break…

Since he travels a lot for work, we’ve amassed a crazy amount of travel-sized goodies. Every year I clean them out,  but unfortunately, our box of unused soaps is driving my nesting instincts crazy.  The strangest thing is that Ryan TAKES HIS OWN toiletries when he travels, not the mini-versions he’s collected. And, of course, we buy normal products for at-home. So I posed the question: WHY are we collecting these toiletries if we’ll NEVER use them???  The answer: We aren’t anymore.

Goodbye, little shampoo from that delightful boutique Manhattan hotel. Thank you, L.A. hotel manager, for choosing to use miniature Aveda products to lure in guests; it worked. So long, miniature memories of travels-past, it’s been a great run, but now you must fulfill your destiny: We are going to use you. Every. Last. One. of. You.

Starting today.

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