Nursery Update!

Heart this crib!

I haven’t been in the posting mood much this week–partly because all I feel like doing is sleeping, and partly because I’ve been engrossed in decorating our baby girl’s nursery!

We’re moving along quickly (mostly because I’m a planner at heart and was just waiting to see if this kid was a boy or girl before officially starting!), which feels great from a nesting perspective. Our furniture is all here–crib (which I’m obsessed with), changing table, rocker/ottoman, side table and an upholstered bench.  Our former guest room is a little on the small side, so all the furniture’s present and accounted for, but I’ve been debating on where to place everything. Truthfully this has been a week of (shhh!) heavy lifting and pushing and pulling for me (Ryan’s on tour), but I think I’ve landed on my final floorplan–for now at least. I find myself sitting in my rocker a lot, surveying and considering the furniture placement, and I think it’s all set.  I think.

Our crib isn’t a traditional shape (it’s a little bigger and rounder than a normal square crib–but it’s not oval), so it wouldn’t take a store-bought crib skirt. I’ve made the skirt (late-night project!), which is three tiers of ruffled burlap (I fancy myself a sewer–just don’t look too closely…), and I made it so that the bottom ruffle will always just hit the floor even as the mattress is raised and lowered.  I’ve collected several crib sheets (normal crib sheets do fit our crib despite its shape) in white/tan/brown/yellow; actually I think I own more than I really need, but oh well…the more the merrier! Then there’s the bumper…

I fell in love with Pottery Barn’s Painterly Paisley fabric in yellow and brown a couple of years ago, and when it went on super sale at the outlet, I bought a king duvet and sham just in case. It’s been boxed up all this time, and finally it’s getting put to use! (Our master bedroom will never be yellow, so I don’t mind parting with it.)  I’ve been considering whether or not to sew the bumper myself (once again, I’m a good-not-GREAT sewer), and right now I’m leaning toward having it made by a seamstress. I want a little ruffle and piped edge and sewn ties; plus there’s the odd shape of my crib, and I’m afraid it’s a bit above my skill level.  I think I could do it and be okay, but I have an odd feeling that it would unravel the first time it needs washing or the first time she steps on it to try to climb out of the crib…so my peace of mind may win out over my pride in hand-crafting.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much got almost everything ready to go–a mirror, a library shelf for books, a ledge for nick-nacks, frames for above her crib, a couple of lamp options, lots of storage…I wanted a rug for the space and have one picked out, but I’m not sure that I really need one, so I’m holding off on ordering it. The only unknown right now is really the drapes.

We’re going to paint the room beige (not exciting, but great for a house on the market), and the drapes I’ve picked out are a light tan linen with white accents.  I’m just not sure if they’ll be too blah, so I’m thinking on it for a bit.  I also have some white drapes that are light and feminine, so those may work as well. We’re aiming to have the nursery painted toward the end of the month, so I figure I don’t need to make any decisions until then.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have an almost-completed nursery to share, but for now, that’s the update!

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