I’m fairly certain someone in the modern school system is a genius, because right about now the luster of a new school year has faded, the excitement of coming back to school post-holiday break has worn off, and kids everywhere are begging for their moms to have built-in snooze buttons they can jam. (In our house, it’s Emma Vance who rolls over, covers her head and moans, “Just ONE more minute? Please?!” every. single. morning.)

And then suddenly it’s the 100th Day of School and everyone jumps out of bed with excitement! (Whew.)

Thank goodness for whoever thought it would be a good idea to have kids dress up like little centenarians. It certainly put a bit of pep back in my kids’ steps. I love you, random, necessary spirit day.

I love that my girls pulled random clothes out of their own closets and declared that it’s what they’d wear as old ladies (a Jojo Siwa robe + a dress from Christmas? Sure.) I love that last-minute they decided they HAD to wear curlers (and that Ryan was gracious enough to run to Target at 9:45 last night to make their dreams come true). And I love that I found silver (not gray, not white, S I L V E R) hairspray that looks amazingly realistic. It was worth waking up extra-early to pull off, and I mean it because, hey, one day we’re all just gonna be little old ladies hanging out at Publix at 7 a.m. handing out Werthers, right?


P.S. When I went into E.V.’s classroom to take pictures for our school’s yearbook, one of her little friends yelled out excitedly, “HEY, MISS TALIE! YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON!” Hahaha! (And also, true.)

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