Old Man Shove Surgery Report

After starving for several hours, this was a meal fit for a king (or queen)!

Why in the world I had to wait for THREE hours to hear how a 40 minute surgery went I’m not sure. About an hour and half into waiting, I shut my computer and started watching the exit door, expecting my name to be called each time the doorknob turned. However, slowly but surely the waiting room emptied, refilled with new patients, then emptied again and no word on Ryan. At the two hour mark, I asked for an update from the receptionist, explaining that it had been over an hour past when I was told that I’d hear something. Then, at two and half hours I approached the desk again, even more anxious. “Oh, you haven’t heard anything yet?” she asked innocently. Seriously. I. Am. Going. To. Freak. Out. Lady.

Then, right at the three hour mark the doctor emerged. (Finally!) The surgery went well. Ryan had a clean break (which we’d been praying for), and the doctor said the tendon was “in a good place.” HOWEVER, the first words (after “it went well”) out of his mouth were, “Did your husband play sports?” Um, yeah, high school football? Apparently the tendon ruptured nicely but the tissue is a little worn for his age. Because of the lack of suppleness, the doctor said he’s going to treat Ryan’s recovery a little more cautiously than we had hoped for. Right now he’s looking at four weeks on crutches (while we were hoping for two).

Ryan awoke feeling nauseous after the surgery, and the nurse tried to get him to eat crackers and drink ginger ale to help. He was way too groggy to put anything into his stomach, so we sat around for a bit before heading out. As he was being wheeled out by the nurse, he caught me sneaking a sip of his untouched ginger ale. I giggled and shrugged; he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t eat anything in a while, and, hey, it was going to be thrown away anyway… (Insert sheepish grin.)

We picked up the baby from Uncle Shane’s, stopped at Panera (of course), and headed home. E.V. and Ryan passed out along the way, and it’s mostly been getting everyone fed and comfy from there. Ryan’s tired but feeling okay in light of the situation. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. Now on to the healing!

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