One of Those Days

Today was one of Those Days. You know, the ones where nothing seems to go your way? A baby who woke up early, refused to eat all day and then slept a total of maybe two hours in naps during the last TWELVE hours; a sick dog who threw up four times in various places around the house, always seeming to miss the tile and wood floors in order to seek out carpeting; a lack of handicap spots for our early bird dinner out; a voice clamoring to just sleep the day away, an opposing voice screaming that the house is a mess–and in your mind it’s a draw, so neither voice wins, resulting in a wasted-day feeling…

…and then this happened.

Thank my lucky stars Ryan was here to capture this sweet moment. After five hours of wakefulness, Emma Vance finally passed out in my arms on the way into the house from lunch, and I would’ve held her all day if only she would’ve stayed asleep and peaceful. Didn’t you just LOVE the feeling of  being completely exhausted and having your mom or dad carry you to your bed as a kid? I sure did, and I think our little lady does, too. Sigh. I’m officially NOT looking forward to  when she’s too big for me to carry.

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