For today’s pre-game, we skipped the red solo cups and went straight for the big guns…the local elementary school park. Man how life has changed since I was 21!

In an effort to urge the afternoon hours to pass quickly before today’s UGA v. South Carolina game, Ryan, Emma Vance and I took a stroll to our closest elementary school to play on the playground (or rather, to play on the concrete court they call a playground). It was an effort for all three of us to burn off some energy, although the grown ups’ energy came from stressing about the game and E.V.’s energy came from…well, from being a kid. :) It must’ve worked (all that ball-chasing, rock-throwing and, yes, dirt-eating) because we managed to be calm, cool and collected by kick-off–and so were the Dawgs. Maybe Aaron Murray and Gurley took a quick playground break to ease their nerves before the game too? :)

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Go Dawgs!

Putting those new sneakers to good use!
Who needs store-bought toys when you have a stick and a rock to play with?

(How an ant about to be smushed feels.)
And she’s officially ready for a nap!

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