Sister Sleepover

Are we crazy? Am I crazy? Perhaps. Perhaps half a dozen six-and-under girls under one roof is too much too soon. But I’ve never worried more about convention than opportunity—and the opportunity to fulfill the girls’ daily requests for a sleepover was threatened by the end of summer next week. So we three moms decided it was now or never.

With a a bit of whimsy (and lots of snacks), we hosted our first-ever Sister Sleepover last night. From dinner to breakfast, three big and three little sisters ran around my house — eating everything within reach, fashioning costumes out of tutus and scarves, presenting scenes from Moana for the moms’ entertainment, reading favorite books aloud to one another, snuggling in beds and on floors as close as possible. There was loud music and spilled popcorn and made-up-songs…and laughter. So. Much. Laughter. (Oh, and sugar. In fact, mostly there was sugar.)

Here’s to the Sister Sleepover these girls have always dreamed of…and to many more!


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