Sneaky Snow Day


It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas!!!

Usually the mere threat of winter weather in Atlanta sends Southerners into a frenzy, resulting in empty shelves and jam-packed roadways. However, today felt decidedly different. We woke to warning of winter weather, shuffled our children to school anyway, didn’t panic when the early morning sleet turned into giant cotton balls, and leisurely obeyed an early dismissal. It was a snow day that just seemed to sneak up on us from behind with a gentle tap on the shoulder. And it was lovely!

We’ll eat what we have in the pantry (no bread-and-milk sandwiches here because we definitely didn’t bother with the grocery preparation), enjoy the unusually early and unusually thick layer of snow in our yards, and snuggle up close with Christmas movies as we sip our hot chocolate. I love December snow! I want it every year!

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