Snow Bird(ie)


You came like a winter snow

quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night

to the earth below

falling, oh yeah, to the earth below

You came falling from the sky in the night

to the earth below

{Audrey Assad}


Isn’t it wonderful how something as simple as a little cold weather + a little precipitation can¬†suddenly and without expectation make the world seem magical?

Especially if you’re a puppy who’s never seen snow before!

It’s official — Birdie is a snow bird! She ran and played and chased the neighborhood kids around in the wintery weather today for the first time, and she was in puppy heaven. The kids kept laughing that she looked like a baby polar bear — and I agree!

Our multitude of Saturday plans have been eagerly cancelled, the girls have frozen their fingers off, and now we are all snuggled in to watch movies and enjoy this rare snow day. Yay for February in the south!

our resident chef’s snowy lunch surprise

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