Sprinkling Baby Penny (+ a Ghost Bowl)


Today we had the honor of celebrating our dear friend Katie’s second baby, a girl whose name will be Penny Rose. Naturally I had immediate visions of what this sprinkle would look like — soft, feminine and cute just like her name…with lots of copper and roses of course! I fought my urge to be literal with the “penny” inspiration, but I think even without coins strewn about (haha!), the theme came together nicely. I enlisted our six-year old neighbor to help me blow up balloons, channeled my talented floral friends as I arranged flowers from the grocer and my yard, and relied on my fabulous co-hostesses to feed our guests. (I like to make things pretty; they like to make them tasty. It was a match made in heaven!)

The party was sweet, with Katie’s first daughter passing out presents and dominating our canvas-painting activity. (Girl’s got talent!) It was good to catch up with old friends and new, to swap mom stories over parfaits and cupcakes and to help Katie prep for Baby #2. It would have been quite a lovely shindig from start to finish, if at the very end, my punch bowl hadn’t exploded.

Yup, you read that right.

Once the gifts were unwrapped and the food eaten up, we were all chatting in my living room when out of the blue the punch bowl in the other room cracked in half and fell over! It was the most random thing that’s ever happened to me at a party, and I still can’t explain it. No one was near it; the punch wasn’t super hot or cold; there was no earthquake. It just all of a sudden decided it could hold drinks no longer! The last bits of punch spilled everywhere, and there was a bit of confused kerfuffle as we all tried to figure out what had happened while trying to save my table and rug. The hilarity of the curious occurrence injected a bit of energy into the end of the shower, and as we hypothesized over what had caused it to explode, I deemed it the Ghost Bowl. (R.I.P.)

Happy baby, Katie! We can’t wait to meet Baby Penny!

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And then Ryan came back with E.V. and Cricket and their friend Parker. Kids + parties crack me up! 

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