Sunday Seven 2018 (Week 3)


15 / 365: Why did Summer Talie think that scheduling a dentist appointment on MLK day was a good idea? So much for a day off! ;)


16 / 365: Destined for FAME.


17 / 365: Snow on my 35th birthday!!!


18 / 365: Day Two of no school + a little lingering snow. Too bad it’s FREEZING out. (Like, don’t-go-outside-it’s-so-cold-freezing.)


19 / 365: DAY THREE OF NO SCHOOL. We had to leave the house because I love these girlies dearly…but I also love sending them off to school more than one day a week.


20 / 365: Emma Vance giving birth with Nurse Cricket attending.


21 / 365: If you have a face painter at your birthday party, she will request a “Rainbow Tiger.” Every. Single. Time. ;)

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