Sunday’s Seven (Week 10)

NO1_4474 (1)

67 / 365: Cricket enjoys pizza (her favorite, of course) after running and romping around Monkey Joe’s at a fun friend’s fourth birthday party. (Emma Vance is a few kids down the row chowing down, too!)

NO1_4479 (1)

68 / 365: Emma Vance raided my makeup kit while playing dress-up in hopes of making herself look more like a princess, but the result is much more Frida Kahlo. Upon seeing herself, she cried, “I look like ERNIE!!!” and wiped herself (somewhat) clean. ;)


69 / 365: Olive’s Best Day Ever is immortalized by our first (and last) complete family photo.


70 / 365: Our worst, saddest, hardest day yet in life as we said goodbye to our sweet, precious, loved dog, Olive. We will never be the same without her presence.

NO1_4999 (1)

71 / 365: Walking the greenway with my workout buddy, Kendall, on this beautiful Spring day! (Not pictured: the four hangry, antsy, distracted children in tow.)

NO1_4997 (1)

72 / 365: Emma Vance “hides” in the foam pit at the love of her toddler life, Big Ethan’s, trampoline park birthday party. (This moment does NOT count as one of the two times I lost her at the part. Geez.)

NO1_5009 (1)

73 / 365: Ryan reads to Emma Vance while waiting for Sunday brunch to hit the tables. Literary topic of choice? Coco Chanel, who is a big hit around the Shove household these days.

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