Sunday’s Seven (Week 14)

NO1_5969 (1)

95 / 365: Cricket *might* have a crush on our little neighbor. {insert appropriate emoji here, haha!}

NO1_5932 (1)

96 / 365: It’s Spring Break, and we’re hanging at home all week. Today’s staycation activity is seeing “Zootopia” with Papadon!

NO1_6052 (1)

97 / 365: This week my goal to is to Spring Clean Out EVERYTHING in our house, and unsurprisingly the girls are feeling extra messy in response. ;)

NO1_6015 (1)

98 / 365: My Little Mama insists on bringing her “baby” to the mall with her, makeshift baby wrap and all.

NO1_5995 (1)

99 / 365: Bathing suits, sandals and sunglasses seem appropriate for Spring Break…but maybe not for the freezing weather we’re having here in Georgia during our staycation. (That doesn’t stop E.V. from dreaming, though…)

NO1_6068 (1)

100 / 365: Inaugural fire pit night in our neighborhood! (If it’s going to be cold out, we’re going to enjoy it — hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows and all!)

NO1_6084 (1)

101 / 365: Yep, this about sums up our Spring Break staycation, haha!

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