Sunday’s Seven (Week 19)


130 / 365: Little Miss Princess has taken to being strolled around the neighborhood for nap time — and is clearly loving her royal status! ;)


131 / 365: Emma Vance tells Daddy a secret. *siiiiigh*

NO1_7301 (1)

132 / 365: Cricket’s last day of (pre)school! She survived her first year! (Now onto SUMMER!)

NO1_4510 (1)

133 / 365: No. Words.

NO1_7388 (1)

134 / 365: Happy TENTH birthday, Oscar!


135 / 365: Celebrating our friend’s birthday E.V. and Cricket’s favorite way — with CAKE!


136 / 365: Parties on farms have their perks. #littleequestrian

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