Sunday’s Seven (Week 1ish)

I thought that this year I’d pull a random photo from each day and caption it so that come December 31st, I have a handy guide to be able to flip back on the year and remember what we actually did with the last 365 days. I was going to post them daily, but, my gosh, life gets too busy for such silly ideas! Once a week, though? I think I can handle that!

So here’s what I’m calling “Sunday’s Seven,” which for this time around will be more like “Sunday’s Ten” since today is January 10th. ;) Enjoy!


1 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket play Barbies with their brand new dollhouse — in their underwear (and diaper), in E.V.’s closet.


2 / 365: Emma Vance, dressed as Elsa, playing her own version of Princess Play-Doh.


3 / 365: Cricket asleep in her crib during nap time with her favorite pillow.


4 / 365: Bundled up against the wintery weather, E.V. enjoys the sunshine despite the chilly wind as she rides her scooter.


5 /365: Always a ham, Cricket pops out from the girls’ “hiding spot” (which is ALWAYS under our bed pillows) and gives a classic “Smiles” grin.


6 / 365: Emma Vance jumps over a mud hole while celebrating Olive’s birthday at our local dog park.


7 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket test out their new umbrellas during a “sun shower” of sorts on an unseasonably warm day for January.


8 / 365:  Ryan reads “Goodnight Moon,” one of our girls’ favorite books, to Cricket before bedtime.

9 / 365: A winged Cricket and E.V. decorate fairy houses at a Tinker Bell birthday party.

9 / 365: A winged Cricket and E.V. decorate fairy houses at a Tinker Bell birthday party.


10 / 365: Cricket lines up her bath toys in an orderly fashion during one of the looooong baths we’ve let the girls take this winter purely for entertainment purposes.


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