Sunday’s Seven (Week 23)


158 / 365: Emma Vance’s dreams come true as she holds a real, live baby (and soon-to-be neighbor!).


159 / 365: Our neighbor has set up a homemade waterpark in our driveway, and E.V. is all-in!


160 / 365: The girls are at preschool camp this week during the mornings, and getting them up and ready is a challenge since they’re definitely in summer mode. Cricket, clearly thrilled to be awake so early, insists this is the best outfit for camp and that she has to take her baby with her…and her baby’s full wardrobe. Of course.


161 / 365: E.V. gives a thumbs up for her camp-made longhorn shirt. (The theme this week is “Home on the Range.”)


162 / 365: Emma Vance is getting VERY brave with the pool these days! (She can swim! She can swim!)


163 / 365: Emma Vance braves holding an albino gecko at a Wild Kratts-themed birthday party. (Adventurous girl!)


163 / 365: I just have to say, the Shove family summertime game is strong this year. (Yes, that’s our #poopfloat.)

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